The WSKiZ and TU EMBA programs are designed for working professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, who wish to study part time to advance or enhance their business careers. The program emphasizes the latest concepts, practices and skills that effective managers and leaders need in today’s rapidly changing workplace. We favor an integrative approach, providing an overall understanding of how organizations, small and large, work without neglecting the acquisition by students of a sound functional knowledge of business, without which one cannot become a credible manager. Finally, we favor an international perspective, a sine qua non condition for survival and growth in the age of globalization.

The successful candidate should meet the following requirements:

  • hold a Master-level or Bachelor-level degree,
  • at least 2 years of documented professional experience,
  • for candidates with Bachelor Degree other than from North America and/or U.K. (4 years full -time), we need a documented 2 year of managerial experience.
  • functional knowledge of English.

The recruitment procedure includes:

  • detailed analysis of candidate’s documents,
  • analysis of two letters of recommendation,
  • interview in English with the program Coordinator,
  • English as a foreign language test (for candidates who are not native in English).